Debut Solo Album

All songs written & produced by Chillbo Camron
Under the Spotlight Records (c) 2019 Tunecore, BMI

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Chillbo Camron, born on New Year’s Day, 1965, Brooklyn, NY, has been creating music since the late 1970’s. Chillbo learned to play guitar at an early age by holding one and playing along (somewhat) to his Aunt’s collection of Beatle albums. Although drumming was his first musical passion, having a drum set in a Brooklyn apartment wasn’t very ‘neighbor-friendly’! After a while, he developed the knack (yes, them too!) for learning guitar chords and how they related to each other. As he played, he realized each chord was associated (in his mind) to a specific number or color. Later on, in life, he met other musicians who experienced this same musical phenomenon.

While beginning High School, Chillbo taught himself piano, as he would sit at one in the music department, most every day. Unable to join HS band because of his inability to read music, Chillbo continued to write his own material, as he had been doing for several years, prior. He formed a band with friends that served as his original-music vehicle, playing gigs here and there.

In 1986, Chillbo played John Lennon in various Beatlemania bands, that would continue over the next 15 years. During those years he became an instrumental songwriter for various TV and radio jingle projects – which earned him a Nova award for his cable TV Christmas instrumentals– further leading him to become a radio commercial producer/jingle-writer.

Over the years (with a few CD’s under his belt from different bands), Chillbo met, friended and collaborated with Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (music producer, solo artist, ex-Guns ‘n Roses, Sons of Apollo & Asia). Their projects included covers as well as original music. After recently speaking with Ron, Chillbo decided to return to his ‘hunger’ for performing/recording original music.

After a health scare in 2016, Chillbo was forced to reduce/cut his LIVE gigs and found himself back in the studio – this time to record brand new material. What follows is the debut/solo release of Chillbo’s self-titled collection of works, Chillbo Camron. He explains that, “…it’s not as much, to me anyway, about the song, but how that song FITS into the collection of the other songs on the album…”. From its pop tracks to its interestingly, haunted melodies, the album brings out a collection of emotions reminiscent of the music from the late 60’s thru the 70’s, eclectically combined with a ‘touch of today’.

Chillbo plays guitar, drums/percussion, bass, and piano/keyboards on the album, as well as, the vocals. He states, “I know, by far, that in NO way, am I a master musician with any of the instruments I play. I’m first, and foremost, a songwriter. Period.”

Chillbo’s other influences, besides The Beatles, are Squeeze, Billy Joel, Mannheim Steamroller and Johnny Mathis. Chillbo can be contacted by emailing

Enjoy every second of this musically-satisfying, melody-filled, song-scratching-itch-relief, album!